Dermot Norridge is a Private Detective based in Witney, Oxfordshire. He provides a variety of services to insurance companies, housing associations, the legal profession and private individuals.

Process Serving

Serving legal documents issued by solicitors or applied for by solicitors to County/Family Courts. These include:

  • Matrimonial documents
  • Injunctions
  • Court Orders
  • Statutory Demands in respect of Debts
  • Litigations

Theft & Fraud Investigations

Internal thefts or frauds at commercial premises as well as thefts or frauds committed upon individuals.

Tracing Individuals

Tracing individuals to serve legal documents including:

  • Business and domestic disputes
  • Beneficiaries of Wills
  • Tracing husbands, wives, partners and former partners
  • Tracing witnesses required by Criminal, Family or County Courts


Obtaining statements to be used in Criminal or County Courts. These can be used to either help an individual's case when charged with a criminal offence or in hearings held in County or Family Courts.

All type of investigations including road traffic accidents

Carrying out investigations on behalf of car insurance companies including:

  • Suspected victims of contrived accidents
  • Verifying accounts of policy holder's involved in road traffic accidents
  • Theft of vehicles
  • Theft of valuables from vehicles
  • Criminal damage to vehicles

I conduct investigations into a variety of matters dependent upon discussions with the instructing client and on behalf of solicitors acting for defendants in actions brought against them in the Criminal, Family and County Courts.


All types of surveillance work including:

  • Theft/fraud investigations
  • Absenteeism from work
  • Bogus sickness
  • Fraudulent claims to insurance companies
  • Photographic and Video Evidence

Civil Litigation

Investigating disputes between former business partners and between individuals and companies.

Matrimonial Cases

Investigating situations where a partner/husband/wife is suspected of having a relationship with another person and the client requires confirmation or evidence of their suspicions. I can carry out surveillance and record evidence of my findings to Court standard. This will include Photographic and Video Evidence.

Housing Associations

Conducting investigations on behalf of housing associations including:

  • Troublesome tenants
  • Subletting
  • Misuse of homes
  • Breach of tenancy
  • Anti Social Behavior

About Dermot Norridge

Dermot is a retired Thames Valley police officer. During his time in the force he was involved in investigating commercial fraud, public corruption, burglary, sexual and physical offences against children, rape and murder.

He retired from the force in 2004 after rising to the rank of Acting Detective Inspector and became a Crime Consultant for Thames Valley police. After two years he joined the Oxford City Council Crime and Nuisance Action Team where he investigated anti social abuse.

Dermot has operated as a private detective and process server since 2008.

Holder of a Clear Disclosure Certificate in respect Previous Convictions.

Member of the Association of British Investigators, this Association is endorsed by the Law Society of England and Wales.

Member of EPIC an association for Ex Police in Industry and Commerce

Contact Dermot

Telephone: 07766 164 793


All costs will be discussed with the client prior to the commission of any work based on a Standard Rate of £40.00 per hour and £0.50 per mile.